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OK. So, in a moment of weakness, I started watching Doctor Who a few days ago. I think it might have something to do with finishing season 4 of Dexter and having to wait, like, four days until season 5 is available on DVD. With a finale like that - even though I'd been spoiled it was still epic - how am I supposed to be able to deal? I can't JUST watch The West Wing. I inevitably start sobbing during every episode of The West Wing. WHY DOES THAT SHOW MAKE ME FEEL SO MUCH?

Anyway, last night I finished the 9th Doctor and I'm really torn between trying to get completely caught up (at the rate I'm going, that'll take about two weeks but I also have to factor in the return of my Dexter binges) or digging into the meta-analysis completely cold. But then there's spoilers but I really just want to read about the problems with Rose because ohmygod there are so many problems and why is the Doctor so awful? And why can't we have a lady-Doctor and why is Jack so damn annoying? (Because I found him unlikable enough that I doubt I'll be watching Torchwood.) And why do I love Harriet Jones (PM) so much?

I'm basically one of those people who wants to have read the text already so that I can be talking about the text. (I'm also one of those people who refers to TV shows as text, yes.) That's so much more satisfying for me.

Also, OK. The WWII episodes pretty much hit all of my suspense buttons at once. And the Dickens episode! (This was the one that hooked me.) Ohmygosh those were the best. I don't understand why they keep trying to go into the future, the past is much more fulfilling.

In other news, I'm in the midst of finals. Thus, copious amounts of TV! Move back to school in 12 days, thankfully!


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