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I'm making up a list of books to get when I go to scavenge the wreckage of Borders this week. (Vegan cookbooks! 20% off!)

I'm also finally going to get to see Midnight in Paris tomorrow.

Finally, I am pretty sure I am changing the subject of my thesis. Of course, not entirely. I'm not about to throw out all the theoretical framing I've done over the last year but I want to put my tongue back in my cheek, plant both feet in modernism, and look at humor and the public sphere from the vantage point of my favorite member of the Algonquin Round Table. Honestly, the only real change is 30 years and the move from Adrienne Rich to Dorothy Parker. I still want to look at social criticism, public discourse, and what it means to be a woman in those sandboxes. As well as maybe some of the dangers of the lot of it. But I want to laugh more than I want to cry. But this may mean that I have to change my username to "souloflingerie" or something equally ridiculous.

Or not. Really, all I can think of is that episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory and Dean go to the dance and end up accidentally spending the night at Miss Patty's and she has The Portable Dorothy Parker with her. I just may write my thesis on that instead...

I move back to Ann Arbor on August 24th and I couldn't possibly be more excited! Two weeks of shenanigans before classes start!

Someday, I'll write about something substantive. Today is not that someday.


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