Aug. 20th, 2011

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1. New computer: boom. 13in 2.7gh MacBook Pro named Dotty.

2. New extracurriculars: boom. Women's Studies Undergrad Committee (I get to work on curriculum!) and Undergrad English Association. Better for my soul, I think.

3. New apartment: Wednesday. I'm so excited that I can barely breathe.

4. Summer semester: boom. I finished this morning at the unreasonable hour of 9am (at least the instructor brought us doughnuts - it was pretty precious) and already know that I got an A in The American Novel (which was really pretty necessary as, um, that's what I'm applying to study).

5. Reuniting with my best friend: boom. We met up after my exam and went grocery shopping (more fun than it sounds) and made lunch and caught up on LIFE. I got to see her new apartment and it's lovely - but a 20-30 minute drive from mine. That saddens me a bit. (We were half a block away from each other last year. Radical changes.)

6. Reuniting with the rest of my friends: pending. Need this to happen ASAP.

7. Doctor Who: breaking my heart. I wasn't sold on David Tennant (heresy?) until The Girl in the Fireplace. That episode, oh my gosh.

8. Dexter: season 5 started. I cannot even.

9. Zadie Smith: everyone needs to read her because she is a genius and I have a total literary crush on her and I went and bought her essay collection from the Borders sales and I feel like it's legitimate now because it's not just because I want to read her forty pages on David Foster Wallace (which, I mean, I do - I love that she loves him - but that's not the ONLY reason). On Beauty has all the strengths of White Teeth with the added bonus of being directly relevant to my interests. (SHE QUOTES ELAINE SCARRY. Zadie Smith, get out of my head.)


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